Lifetime warranty

Each of our links provides a lifetime warranty for each vehicle in accordance with the film industry standard.

We are a 3M Australian Authorized Film Company. There are only four in Victoria. 3M direct supply products, free from worries.

We use the highest quality 3M.

Additional costs are incurred if other special types of membranes are required. We do not accept guests with their own solar film, thank you.

3M is the world’s best-selling brand of automotive, architectural and home film, including a full range of window coloring films, commercial and residential window films, security films, anti-graffiti films and decorative films.


Insulate heat, reduce heat in the car, make driving more comfortable, and save fuel
UV-blocking, anti-fading, 99% UV-blocking, boost your health index away from skin cancer.
Explosion-proof Prevents damage to the glass and causes secondary damage to people inside the vehicle.
Privacy Reduces car light transmission and ensures privacy in the car
Security Effectively prevent theft and protect the safety of you and your valuables.
Anti-glare Good film can filter part of the glare, weaken the intensity of visible light, make the eyes more comfortable, help to improve the vision of the owner and ensure safe driving.
Can provide on-site service, price concessions, lifetime warranty

Also provide house glass film service