Why do you need a building film:

One-way perspective, privacy protection, you can clearly see everything around you, but the outside world can not see you, to meet your privacy requirements, so that the living space to enjoy a comfortable and quiet life.
With 99% UV isolation, 76% insulation, furniture, floor, sofa, no aging, no skin protection. In Australia’s high-intensity lighting, you need a building film.
Energy saving and environmental protection, reducing air conditioning and bringing high electricity bills.
With safety and explosion-proof function, the glass breaks without hurting people and constitutes an invisible protective net.
Easy to install, easy to clean, anti-friction, economical and practical, isolated noise, effectively ensure sleep.
Building energy-saving film

The energy-saving film can effectively reduce heat and glare to increase comfort, reduce heating and cooling consumption, help prevent premature fading, improve visual beauty, block UV rays, and increase privacy. It can selectively block and reflect the heat generated by infrared rays to achieve functions such as heat insulation and UV protection. It can effectively prevent people in the room from being exposed to excessive ultraviolet rays, and can also protect indoor furniture, flooring, and other decorations.

2. Safety explosion-proof membrane

The safety explosion-proof membrane is three times the thickness of the standard membrane, which can effectively prevent glass damage caused by accidents, prevent the glass from scattering, enhance personal safety, and be used in floor-to-ceiling windows, indoors and homes.

The super safety explosion-proof membrane is seven times the thickness of the standard membrane. It can reduce the pressure and impact force. It has strong flexibility and flexibility. When it receives external impact force, it can resist high penetration and crushing force. Effectively buffer shocks and reduce external damage. Suitable for commercial shops and offices.

3 decorative matte film

The decorative matte film can smooth the object from the surface to the surface is not smooth, so that the light forms a slow reflection, which makes the glass opaque and enhances privacy. Decorative architectural film has become the favorite of decorative style, translucent and sturdy, space-infinite expansion and realistic separation block, has replaced the traditional home decoration style, can make the room have good natural light, it is different from traditional sandblasting, Color glaze, and stained glass, it has rich color, flexible wind and cloud transformation, simple creativity, low cost, safety and environmental protection.